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About Me

As a certified lash technician since 2023, I bring expertise and passion to every lash session. With a keen eye for detail, I enhance natural beauty, creating customized lash looks that reflect individual style. Your journey to captivating eyes begins with precision, care, and the latest techniques in the lash world. Trust in my dedication to quality, and let's transform your gaze into a work of art. Book your lash experience today! 🤍

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Eyelash Extensions

Welcome to the realm of enchanting beauty – where every blink tells a story. Our eyelash extensions redefine allure, meticulously applied to accentuate your natural elegance. Whether you seek the subtlety of Classic or the lavish fullness of Volume, each extension is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your gaze. Elevate your eyes to a new level of sophistication. Book your appointment now and indulge in the artistry of captivating lashes. 👁️✨

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Mobile Eyelash Extensions in Vancouver 

In the hustle of your busy day, finding time for self - care can be a challenge. As a mobile lash artist, I understand the juggle of fitting everything into a busy schedule. Let me bring the lash studio experience to you-- whether it's a small room or a cozy corner, I've got it covered. With my mobile service, you can unwind in the comfort of your own home, while I bring the lash table, stool, and kit. 

Please note that  and additional distance fee applies for areas outside Vancouver. You can read more and take a look at the Service Page for more information regarding my service area and any applicable distance fee. 

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