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Our Services

A close-up image of beautifully styled lash extensions, showcasing various lengths and styles, with a subtle, natural look. T

I provide a mobile eyelash extensions services around Vancouver. Please note that all mobile services are only available every Thursday and additional charges apply for distance travelled. 

Going West:

  • Between MacDonald and Alma/Dunbar:   prices listed + $10

  • Between Alma/Dunbar and  Blanca: prices listed + $20

  • West of Blanca: prices listed + $40


Going South:

  • Between King Edward/22nd and 41st: prices listed + $10

  • Between  41st  and SW/SE Marine: prices listed + $20


Going East: 

  • Between Clark/Knight and Boundary:   prices listed + $5

  • Between Boundary and   Delta/Royal  Oak: prices listed + $ 45

  • Further East:  prices listed + $50 or more

Please reach out if you need more information. 

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